The WTF Odyssey

Welcome to WellTraFit, a blog that explores travel and the benefits of healthy lifestyle living. Seeking a balanced life, I have turned my passions into purpose by providing guidance to all who are interested in exploring the world and discovering their true self-potential. If we do not seek, we will not find.


For more than 10+ years, I’ve worked with diverse groups of individuals from all walks of life. While this was done in various settings, the driving passion all centered around empowering and helping others. I learned from them just as they learned from me. One of the most simple, yet most critical  lesson I gained was: what works for one will not necessarily work for all. This can be applied to all aspects of life in general.


Unfortunately, this key concept is disregarded in larger organizations that have sadly become “mill-like.” After witnessing and experiencing this in the health sector on too many occasions, I knew I could no longer continue to indirectly support a model that did not align with my core values involving quality, integrity, and authenticity. My only option: to start my own company so I could help people the way I believe they deserve to be helped.


It all begins with just one step. Which world are you choosing?


Let’s Explore to Grow !

The Path to Wellness Leads to Fitness and Much More

What is wellness? Honestly, I’ve only discovered the real meaning and importance much later in life after an unfortunate, but necessary experience. Yes, I’ve been guilty of oversimplifying it as being “physically fit.”  WRONG! I know, unheard of a Leo admitting their fault. I told you all, learning is constant. ☺️


Wellness, as I learned and continue to do so, is multi-faceted but is all about balance and harmony of life’s habits. It is a deep dive approach of  looking at your mental, spiritual, physical, and health connections. It is essentially the strength and stability of our mind, body, and soul. 


Why is it important? It helps to bring about a balance in our life. By analyzing ourselves or looking within, we can find answers that can help  improve our way of living to become happier and find purpose.



Think: Are you just surviving… or thriving!?

The Travel Map

Coming from a diverse family background and growing up in the COMPLETE opposite environment was tough. It made me wonder often, causing me to question myself and who I was. It also peeked my curiosity to find answers of what lay beyond my town. I KNEW there had to be more- and there was!


Find out what I discovered!

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The Fitness Connection

Fitness has forever played a significant role in my life. Literally, if I’m honest, my saving grace- no Leo exaggeration here! When I was younger, exercise was a way for me to relieve stress and frustrations I was struggling with. While I didn’t understand the “why” at the time, I knew running and getting outside (think WELLness) made me almost instantly feel calm and brought me a sense of peace.



Fast forward to “adulthood” and I now understand there was actually science behind this- not magic 🙂 While it can be hard to get going, I promise that getting active and challenging your fitness levels will lead to an abundance of benefits that essentially tie back into overall wellness.


Are you ready for a win-win?

Transforming wanderlust into wellness for a life well-traveled and well-lived.

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